Computer Training for Somali Refugees

Mengo Kisenyi is the biggest slum in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, it is the home to over 18,000 Somalis of which 95% are refugees, the place is popularly known as ‘Little Mogadishu’. It is a place where Somali Refugees have made it a home away from home.

Somali refugees face a number of problems including access to vocational training, youth unemployment is high, shortage of skilled personnel and there is a need to increase the number of young people with employable qualifications. 

The Kisenyi slum is fast transforming to become an economic hub with a multitude of business enterprises opening up in and around the area. This gives us an opportunity to provide 21st Century tech skills that young people can utilize to gain employable skills and join the labor market or open their own enterprises.

An intervention strategy is in the works to provide training skills to the Somali refugees in Kampala, Mengo Kisenyi is selected as the ideal place where training will take place.The aim is to bring in a new breed of Software Developers, Web Designers and eCommerce developers. The course will combine both IT and business to leverage the market demand.

A young man at a computer

This program aim to equip young people in the city with employable skills. Though we designed this course for Somali refugees, we will take on board any refugee who is interested in joining the program.

IT training has potential to change the refugees’ unemployment record, young people will be equipped with marketable skills and inspire more to continue further studies in computer related disciplines like Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering etc.

The first intake is billed for March 2018, all our courses are structured to include work experience. The courses are free, this is the first of its own kind program in the area to cater for Somali Refugees.

After completion of the course, graduates will work as web designers, computer programmers, designing business applications for various companies or work as tech-prenures.

Our main target are the youth, we hope to run other programs for children and adults at the training center as well.

We will work and collaborate with local businesses and community leaders. The program will integrate different communities, bind people of different races and build cohesion in workplaces.

We are also working on a program to start IT training centers in Refugee camps, our first IT training center is earmarked for Nakivale Refugee Settlement Center. more update on this or if you are interested to learn more on this please email us at:

A class of adults