Computer Training for Somali Refugees

Mengo Kisenyi is the biggest slum in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, it is the home to over 18,000 Somalis of which 95% are refugees, the place is popularly known as ‘Little Mogadishu’. It is a place where Somali Refugees have made it a home away from home. Somali refugees face a number of […]

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Girls Computer Coding

STEM is a program that introduces girls to the art of computer programming. We are partnering with organisations to teach girls computer programming skills and link them to employment agencies. There are numerous intervention programs to increase the number of girls in learning the art of computer programing, design websites and apps, at Mweva we have […]

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IT Scouting

Mweva is in partnership with Scout organisations in East Africa to bring in a new wave of computer programmers, software developers, web designers and app developers. We teach Scouts with IT skills that after completion of the course, they go to disadvantaged communities to teach them IT skills. The Scouts are known for taking a lot of […]

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School ICT Training

Schools in rural areas need more Information Communication Technology (ICT) teachers, we provide a wide range of ICT initiatives for students and teachers covering Microsoft Application Office, Web Design Skills and other tech tools . This help students with academic and lifelong skills. We are one of the few organisations in the country that provide […]

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2018 – Web Design, Computer Coding and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - A tool to amplify Local Tourism 

We want to use ICT to bring social and economic development to disadvantaged communities. The first phase is to teach over 2,000 young people from disadvantaged communities from 33 districts in Uganda to learn Web Design skills and Digital Marketing to promote local tourism. The youth will be in a position to design websites, link up with local tourist companies and help to promote, market and package tourism in their respective districts.

This will help to create jobs in disadvantaged communities, boost local tourism and increase the awareness of tourism in the country. Training will be done by Rover Scouts who will undergo training in Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Leadership skills.


2017 Achievements


Be part of the big change, we transform young peoples lives for better. Your donation will help refugees learn computer skills, help girls become web developers or youths become software developers.


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2018 New Programs


Web Design & Entrepreneurship skills development.


Coding skills in Computer Programming


Web Design and Entrepreneurship skills.